Monday, July 8, 2013

The Independence of the Bishop and Dean

When the Bishop and Dean of the Lutheran Church in Great Britain needed an "Independent" panel to hear the outrageous and false accusations against a pastor, they turned to the Lutheran Council where the Dean was employed as the General Secretary for years and where the Bishop was a Director / Trustee. Two of the three members of the "Independent" Panel were fellow Directors / Trustees of Lutheran Council with the Bishop. The third "Independent" member was an Anglican who had worked side by side with the Bishop and the Dean for years in the Anglican Lutheran Society.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Former Bishop's Congregation

The former Bishop's London Congregation was forced to move out of it's historic home. Why?

Was it because of her leadership when she was the pastor?
Was it because of her attempts to negotiate a lease?
Was it because of her administration the finances, accounts and maintenance of the congregation?
Was it because she resigned (or was it retired?) as the pastor of the congregation when the lease deadline was looming?
Did she retire as Bishop (before the completion of her term) to avoid something?

Marvelous Words but a loveless, perfunctory, formal religion

The following quote is from a sermon preached by "Bishop" JJG on 1 Corinthians 13
and Luke 18:31-43 ( reference ):

"In our lives of faith, which should in turn bring faith and hope to our families, churches and
communities the love of Christ is made manifest. This is true in the small things just as much as in
the big issues. In our interactions with the bus driver and the bank clerk, in our dealings with those
who hate us; in laughing and in loving, as well as in mourning and in conflict, in the seemingly hopeless situation of Palestine; whether in London, Jerusalem, Helsinki or Stuttgart, Christ in his charity
lives in and through us. "

She also told the story of a friend who came to England as part of the Kindertransport. The friend was adopted by 2 sisters who were "regular churchgoers; well-meaning, presumably, but their charity was cold indeed. They treated her with contempt, and forced her to go to church with them; punishments for misdemeanours were harsh; and there was little sign of love or affection. My friend’s experience of Christianity was of a loveless, perfunctory, formal religion; and as a result, she developed a thorough allergy to the Christian faith."

First a marvelous call to action that the love of Christ should be expressed in all of our interactions - big and small - with the charity of Christ in us and through us. God demands that even "in our dealings with those who hate us" "as well as in mourning and in conflict" that our interactions "Christ in his charity lives in and through us." Too bad those are the "Bishop's" marvelous words but do not describe her actions towards anyone who has questioned her, failed to bow to her unreasonable demands and inflated sense of authority and warped vision of obedience.

The story of the two sisters who adopted the little girl from a foreign land describes the "Bishop's" actions better than the her preached words - for JJG has treated those whom God had entrusted with contempt, she has harshly punished for misdemeanours and she has shown little love or affection - especially for children. JJG's practice of Christianity would make most feel "Christianity was... a loveless, perfunctory, formal religion; and as a result, ...develop a thorough allergy to the Christian faith."

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Synod 2013

The Lutheran Church in Great Britain's Synod 2013 was the The Very Rev Dean's show again.


- No one in the ENTIRE LCiGB was available to serve on the Trustees except the same one's who do whatever TB says.
- There are still no people of African descent serving as Trustees.
- There is no Annual Report of the Trustees on the Website. Why? Because people will know how small and dysfunctional the LCiGB really is.
- What is posted? A document that uses selective truth and proof texted scripture to prove that the Trustees have no interest in following God or the Gospel but are beholden to TB's solicitors and accountants.
- There is no recognition that the Bishop JGB is no longer Bishop. Why did she resign?
- There is no recognition that the LCiGB has single handedly forced one of the LCiGB congregations to loose their church home, sell the organ and move to an undesirable location.

The LCiGB would rather spend tens of thousands of pounds on solicitors and accounts to allow TB to bully congregations, pastors and others rather than live the Gospel.

Don't forget, the LCiGB is also getting kicked out of its office's in Central London.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Latvian Lutheran Church in London

The Latvian Lutheran Church has severed ties with the Lutheran Church in Great Britain. After cooperating and sharing worship space for more than 40 years, the London Latvian Lutheran Church has found a new home.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Trying to Impress

Thomas or Tom Bruch is the current Dean of the Lutheran Church in Great Britain and the former General Secretary of the Lutheran Council of Churches ( now called the Council of Lutheran Churches).

The Lutheran Church in Great Britain  and Lutheran Council of Churches are both members of the Lutheran World Federation.

The Lutheran Church in Great Britain  also partners with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America  and has recently partnered with Time for God.

Although being recognised by Lutheran World Federation and Church Together in England this does not mean that the The Lutheran Church in Great Britain is credible or should even exist.

If one compares the statistics given by The Lutheran Church in Great Britain in Annual Reports and on the The Lutheran Church in Great Britain website to the statistics that the The Lutheran Church in Great Britain has given to the Lutheran World Federation it is apparent that those responsible for providing statistics to the Lutheran World Federation grossly overstated the membership of The Lutheran Church in Great Britain.